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Top 5 Reasons Colorado Crème is a Great Gift

Christmas is approaching faster than I would like. Anybody feel the same? So, if you are scratching your head over the perfect gifts for family and friends, here are my Top Five Reasons Colorado Crème is a Perfect Gift.

  1. 20160626_091006Christmas is right smack in midwinter, with the worst of cold, dry, cracking, peeling, splitting, and bleeding skin season yet to come. A Colorado Crème gift would be in the nick (ho ho ho) of time!
  2. Colorado Crème is a useful and practical gift. It won’t clutter up the house. It will get used and appreciated instead of sitting around looking pretty.
  3. However, our beautiful green bottles fit right in the color scheme of the season!
  4. Colorado Crème is a great gift for your holiday visitors who will suffer in our climate; it makes a wonderful Colorado souvenir, too.
  5. When you buy Colorado Crème as a gift, you can always get one for yourself. You deserve it!
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Longtime residents of Florida, Ellen, her husband, 3 teens, and dog now call Colorado Springs home. Her interest in natural products and real food sprang from a diagnosis of Celiac disease in herself and her daughters. Other interests include gardening, art, hiking, and exploring Colorado.

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