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Our Story

Colorado Creme Luxurious Skin MousseColorado Crème is a natural moisturizer for dry skin, handcrafted in Colorado Springs, Colorado with all natural ingredients. It is specially formulated to combat itchy, flaky, dry skin that comes with living in a semi-arid climate. Ask any Coloradoan and they’ll tell you all about dry skin!


“Colorado Crème was created out of desperation. Moving from humid Florida to semi-arid Colorado had made my skin rebel. I was dry, itchy, and flaky! I’d put lotion on, only to discover that I needed more half an hour later. My rather minor case of eczema went full-blown. Drugstore moisturizers either irritated my skin or didn’t last, and I couldn’t pay $$$ for moisturizers. I was on a budget! I needed a natural moisturizer for dry skin. So, being an intrepid DIYer, I decided to make my own. My first attempts came out too greasy or too light. After some research and a year of experimenting, I came up with a formula that I liked! I tested it on my family and friends and they all agreed. It really worked! I use only natural ingredients and essential oils—no perfumes or irritating chemicals. I gave my crème as gifts, and my friends raved about it. One convinced me to set up a booth at a holiday craft fair. I gave out samples and sold out of nearly everything. That decided it for me. People really wanted my lotion. Soon I was getting comments about how Colorado Crème was benefiting individuals with sensitive skin especially. In fact, you can read some of their testimonials here. It seemed like everyone who tried it loved it, and so we decided to make Colorado Crème a business. I started making lotion in my kitchen in 16-ounce batches and now, 4-gallon batches are the norm. We approached some local stores and they now carry Colorado Crème. It was really cool when AT&T bought a quantity to give as gifts at their Colorado Marketplace at the Broadmoor Hotel. ”
~Ellen Johnson, creator