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My Garden Backdrop

It’s June in Colorado and it’s heavenly! Warm, sunny days and cool nights, and everything in my backyard is blooming!backyard 1 for blog

I take all of my product photos in my garden in June and July, and so when you check out the website you get little bits and pieces of my own personal heaven. I thought I’d step back a few paces a give you an idea of what the whole thing looks like.20160629_192058

Spring Surprise

When we moved into this house 3 years ago in April, the backyard was a brown, dead, overgrown mess. I thought it was all weeds. But then, as little green things began to pop up, I realized that they seemed to belong where they were. So I tore out years’ worth of dead foliage and carted away huge bags of old stems. And in June, a pink and purple explosion happened. It was glorious!20150613_094958

The wonderful worn boulders are the perfect backdrop for my lotion bottles. Soapwort, catmint, sage, columbine, yarrow and a few things I can’t remember the names of tumble down the boulders. Rough, craggy granite contrasts with smooth, silky lotion. Natural setting, natural lotion, natural skin. 20150613_095156

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Longtime residents of Florida, Ellen, her husband, 3 teens, and dog now call Colorado Springs home. Her interest in natural products and real food sprang from a diagnosis of Celiac disease in herself and her daughters. Other interests include gardening, art, hiking, and exploring Colorado.

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