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Key West in Colorado?

A New Scent

It’s nearly midsummer and I’ve been playing with a new scent. To go along with the 4th, red, white, and blue, barbecues, baseball, picnics, and summer vacation, you’d think that I’d make an apple pie scent! Since there’s no such thing as an apple essential oil I had to come up with something else. Hmm, I spent 20 years in Florida, and pie in Florida would be Key West style—Key Lime Pie! I love key lime pie, but only in small quantities. It’s so intense and sweet. Limes are pretty common, but Key limes are extra tart and smaller than the limes you see in the grocery store.

Tart and Sweetkeylimepie

A hint of lime and a whiff of vanilla, mmm, but don’t eat it. Besides smelling fabulous, limes contain all kinds of good stuff, including vitamin C. A bit of trivia for you; British sailors were known as “limeys” because they carried limes on board their ships to prevent a nasty vitamin deficiency called scurvy.

Limited Time Only

Key Lime Pie Body Mousse is available in the 8 ounce size only for a limited time this summer. Get yours while they last!

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Longtime residents of Florida, Ellen, her husband, 3 teens, and dog now call Colorado Springs home. Her interest in natural products and real food sprang from a diagnosis of Celiac disease in herself and her daughters. Other interests include gardening, art, hiking, and exploring Colorado.

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