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Colorado Crème featured in a local magazine

One of my daughters’ bucket list items has been fulfilled. They are on the cover of a magazine!Bmagazine cover

Last fall, Colorado Crème had a booth at the Rampart High School Craft Fair, and things were busy. Our customers were clogging the walkway, actually. A woman several customers away called to me, “Do you live in Briargate, by chance? I’d like to feature you in the Briargate Pine Creek Friends and Neighbors magazine.” Well that was a no-brainer and of course I said yes!

It was great fun doing the interview and the photo shoot, and last Friday the magazine arrived in the mail. Here it is! Enjoy!

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About ColoradoCreme

Longtime residents of Florida, Ellen, her husband, 3 teens, and dog now call Colorado Springs home. Her interest in natural products and real food sprang from a diagnosis of Celiac disease in herself and her daughters. Other interests include gardening, art, hiking, and exploring Colorado.

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