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New Stores and Coming Up for Some Air

We did something new this winter. Typically, we collapse in January and recover from the whirlwind of Christmas craft fairs that run from late October to mid-December. But this year we gave ourselves a short break and then made lotion for a new kind of show for us—a trade show! In late February, we set […]

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My Top Five Colorado Springs Area Holiday Craft Fairs 2017

This fall we have five craft fairs planned! Two of them are NEW this year (**). We are expanding to MONUMENT and DENVER! Liberty, Rampart, and Cheyenne Mountain are, in humble opinion, three of the best Springs area craft fairs out there. A rep from the Fine Arts & Crafts Market stopped by our booth this […]

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Facial Moisturizer Coming Soon

This month I have been planning for the coming year and playing with new product ideas for dry skin. The top three on my list are a natural facial moisturizer, a face serum, and soap. The soap was easier than I thought. I’ve already made my first batch of Lavender Vanilla Cocoa Butter soap. Now I’ve […]

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Top 5 Reasons Colorado Crème is a Great Gift

Christmas is approaching faster than I would like. Anybody feel the same? So, if you are scratching your head over the perfect gifts for family and friends, here are my Top Five Reasons Colorado Crème is a Perfect Gift. Christmas is right smack in midwinter, with the worst of cold, dry, cracking, peeling, splitting, and […]

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Family Photo

Colorado Crème featured in a local magazine

One of my daughters’ bucket list items has been fulfilled. They are on the cover of a magazine! Last fall, Colorado Crème had a booth at the Rampart High School Craft Fair, and things were busy. Our customers were clogging the walkway, actually. A woman several customers away called to me, “Do you live in Briargate, […]

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My Garden Backdrop

It’s June in Colorado and it’s heavenly! Warm, sunny days and cool nights, and everything in my backyard is blooming! I take all of my product photos in my garden in June and July, and so when you check out the website you get little bits and pieces of my own personal heaven. I thought […]

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The Skinny on Skin and Chemicals

Here’s the skinny on your skin and chemicals. Skin keeps the bad stuff out—things like dirt, radiation, and microorganisms. It also keeps the body’s moisture in. It receives sensory stimuli from the environment. It regulates body temperature and plays a role in blood pressure. It generates new skin cells and discards dead ones to make […]

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Unscented Body Mousse and Extra Dry Formula

Scent Your Own Colorado Crème! I’ve had quite a few requests for unscented mousse or extra dry formula from those who have super-sensitive skin. Usually I steer them to Crème Brulée, which has such a light vanilla scent that it doesn’t bother most people. I get requests from essential-oil fans who would like to scent […]

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CC Product

Craft Fair Schedule 2015

This year we will have booths at two Colorado Springs Craft Fairs. We’ll be returning to Rampart HS Craft Bazaar on November 21st in the same booth (#34 in the gym) as last year. New this year for us will be Cheyenne Mountain HS’s Craft Fair on December 5th. I thought a fair in the […]

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Introducing Black Currant Vanilla Body Mousse

I actually had this scent ready for September. I thought it would be perfect for those warm summerlike days that turn into cool refreshing nights. Think warm berries with vanilla ice cream, mmmm. But we upgraded our computers to Windows 10 and it looked at my old label design software and said, “Excuse me, what […]

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